A B O U T   T H E   F O U N D E R,   M E L I S S A   N E L S O N

I use to crave intimacy so bad. (Into..ME..you..see) You know...the kind of connection with another human being where societal conditioning and layered masks of protection are dropped completely. Where even though you and the other person were both afraid, you both chose to be blindly vulnerable. And from that singular choice to just BE AS IS...in the present moment... would come Freedom to be unconditionally loved and love. The ability to see truly one another, and the gift to build from that place. Unconditional love is found there. It’s every human soul’s ultimate drug...Oh the seduction of Unconditional love from true Intimacy. I use to believe it was luck or fate that allowed this kind of fleeting connection. Until I realized...if you want unconditional love you must be an expression of it. If you want Intimacy you must be willing to first be the one who bares it all. The raw, the ugly, the fails, the imperfections. You must be willing to BE vulnerable DESPITE fear. You have to accept that many WON’T be what your willing to be. They won’t risk like you do. In fact, when approached with your realness, they would even confirm your deep dark fears in their feedback and actions to you. But those people come to the fight to shout at you everything wrong about you, but are too cowardly to be in the ring fighting for the unapologetic...authenticity....it takes to even connect so deeply. The deepness where true intimacy is obtained. I learned through growing pains that, every time one of those spectators came around, my unapologetic, raw and vulnerable self made them quiver. I was TOO much for them, and this wasn’t my problem rather theirs. I chose to stay in the fight for authentic intimate connections, until one by one, I found others seeking the same. Sometimes my courage...despite my fears...is what made it safe for those seeking the same, to let go and come as they truly are. Today I have intimacy. I love unconditionally and am loved unconditionally. It’s indescribable to be loved for all aspects of you. To be loved for just being you!!! This can only happen if your willing to go all in with the good, bad, past, present, and future. Intimacy is a choice. Intimacy starts with you.

-Melissa Nelson

Melissa Nelson is a Thriver, not just Survivor! Her life mantra is, "I am the voice for those who have been silenced". She has become a leader through healing and surviving from child human trafficking, deep adoption and childhood abandonment, and over 14 years of sexual abuse as a minor.


Melissa believes all of these life experiences paved the way for her to become a fiercely strong and resilient woman at a very young age and developed such a deep compassion in her to support those who suffer. 

She understands the power in the metaphysical healing modalities and how essential these practices can be to empowering woman. Therefore she continues to dedicated her life to inspiring other woman to heal through the Gypsy spirit, one of freedom, depth, unconditional self-love, and magic.


Known as,The Gypsy Girl, she stirs a passion that brings woman back to their true divinely powerful essence, back to their innocence, and awakened to their birth rights of unconditional love, and limitless worth. 


The GypsyGirl Sisterhood support's woman by offering the most loving and safe community for woman to come together and heal through metaphysical healing modalities.  Melissa made the decision that it was her life purpose to be the voice for all those who have been silenced by shame and societal conditioning. The voice for today's children and adults who have been abused in any form including sexually abused. 

She advocates that sexual abuse continues to prevail and flourish predominantly due to it's silencing of victims and its deep rooted shame. Melissa knows her mission work is to irradiate this ancient wound on humanity that has inflicted so many. She exposes the flaws in our traditional support systems, pointing out how efforts are primarily based in re-activeness to abuse which has already occurred while neglecting long term solutions found in proactive prevention. A task of obliteration of the old ways and the implementation of a new culture where children are educated and protected through communication and empowerment, a conversation that she says should begins as soon as children learn to speak.


She recognized that as a child she had no words to say to adults to communicate what was happening to her and by time she learned them shame kept her silent.  Today she has found her voice, and she inspires other woman to find theirs.  This is why she says she is the voice for those who have been silenced.  Someone has to speak already. 

Melissa truly has a heart to support and help all women through their traumas, and help all woman to find their divine feminine power from within while being supported through community. 


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