A B O U T   M O O N   M A G I C

Join the Sisterhood for a magical time together, spent in honor of the sacred moon.  We will honor her in ceremony as she moves across the sky.  These GypsyGirl Den Moon Magic Events will have you going deep within yourself while exploring the influenced energy.  Every month has a gathering for the Full Moon and the New Moon! 


This Month's Full Moon Update and Info

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Come join the GypsyGirl Sisterhood to explore the Full Moon. This full moon is the "Snow Moon".


There was anxiety and a restlessness that came from the various and vast energies compounded by several deep alignments this past month. It was heavy. It was hard. But all is now going to turn into a month of harmony, balance, and peaceful flow.


February is a lighter month on the energies around and within. We are energetically encouraged to allow patience and faith in the Universe. And some how this will be easy for us to gently settle into. The Universe is preparing each of us a way to our dreams and highest good.


This is a leap year so we will have an extra day this month on February 29th. The numerology connected with February 29th is the number 8 which is a direct representation of abundance, balance, and infinite potential of our soul.


With every planetary alignment and cosmic shift this month, we are reminded that we are infinite! It's a month of powerful deep awakening and spiritual growth.


This Full Moon is in Leo, and is ruled with energies of abundance, but not just regular abundance we are accustomed to, but abundance at it's highest peak!


This Full Moon in Leo is on February 8th, also referred to as the Snow Moon. Our heavy and potent Full Moon Eclipse of January, is a drastic different energy from our Full Moon in Leo. This Full Moon in Leo is going to feel light, easy, and flowing. This is an alignment surrounded by loving energy. This is the Universe telling us that we are supported in all of our efforts and dreams.


You will feel stronger. You will feel the confidence you've been asking for. Somehow it's as if we just get it, that we are enough just as we are. It's that understanding which develops a confidence in us, an innate knowing that we are on the right path. It's a magical moon and as in true Leo fashion, it invites us to bask in it warm amazement bringing us out of darkness into playful joy and flow.


Come conscientiously tap into these energies with us and create intentional and purposeful magic in your life. See you on Saturday at the GypsyGirl Den!

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