2020 Cheat Sheet for the Must Knows... Summary of the Wheel of the Year!

..........Wheel of the Year 2020

Traditionally, the first holiday from the Wheel of the Year is Yule, also known as Winter Solstice. But for the sake of making an easy summary of the 8 holidays, this is written in chronological order, based on the first holiday for the calendar year of 2020. This means the first holiday from the Wheel of the Year in 2020 is Imbolc. So let’s get out our crystal balls and see what’s in store for 2020 GyspyGirls!


Imbolc is every year on February 1st. This year will be on a Saturday, so mark your calendar.

Imbolc is the beginning of spring for the “Wheel of the Year”. This is a time of new beginnings! Beginnings for both aspects of the physical and spiritual. For some, Imbolg is a time to honor the goddess Brigid and therefore we sometimes hear the Imbolc called “Brigid’s Day” or basically “Brigid”.


Ostara takes place on March 19. This year Ostara is celebrated on a Thursday.

The holiday known as Ostara is also referred to as the “Spring Equinox”. This is a special time. It’s one of only two days a year, when both day and night are equal in length!

This is a great time to honor the Triple Goddess. It’s also a great time to invite and embrace an opportunity for blessings.


Beltane is always on May 1st. and this year it will be on a Friday.

In the “Wheel of the Year”, we call the day, May 1st, “Beltane”. Another name for this day is “May Day”.

This holiday is the midpoint between the Spring Equinox and the Summer Solstice. It evokes fertility magick where love and commitment are the theme. We take time to see the new life all around us. Beltane is a very sensual Sabbat where there is celebration of sexual energy and co-creation.


Litha is on June 24th. That’s a Wednesday this year.

Litha is also known as the “Summer Solstice” or “Midsummer”. This holiday happens when the Sun is at its highest point in the sky. Due to the suns position in the sky, daylight is longer than any other day of the year. This marks the beginning of Summer!

The Summer Solstice is a great time to honor the Horned God, the Sun God. This sabbat brings the element of Fire. From this point, for the next half of the year, the light begins to wane. It’s a time to enjoy the outdoors and harness the powers for the colors yellow and gold. Sunflowers can be used to decorate homes and sacred alters.


Lammas is always on August 1st. This year it is on a Saturday.

Lammas was the time when the first crops of the year were harvested, and the holiday is all about abundance and growth. Lammas is also referred to as Lughnasadh. The Harvest Mother, Grain Mother aka Harvest Queen, encourages us to gather what we can by harvesting, to get ready for the colder months.

Lammas is a time for work but also a time for dancing, gathering to tell stories, and feasting, especially on corn bread.


Mabon is on September 22nd this year. That’s a Tuesday.

Mabon is also one of the two days a year, when both day and night are equal in length (Ostara is the other day). Mabon is the second harvest festival on the “Wheel of the Year”. The first harvest being Lammas. Mabon is also known as the “Fall Equinox”.

Mabon is a time for quiet thankfulness and reflection on the blessings of this year. It’s a great time to recognize that you are blessed with so much. Taking inventory of your blessings allows you to proceed with gratitude for your blessings. Gratitude is a masterful state of being for massive manifestation.


Samhain is always October 31st. This year it will be on a Saturday.

Samhain is also on the holiday known as Halloween. Samhain is a time when we honor the dead. It’s all about showing reverence to our ancestors who are deceased. Some believe the vail between the spirit world and physical world is at its thinnest.

This holiday is a popular time for spells and magick that’s connects us to those who are no longer physically with us. It’s a time when we can place focus on communicating with our deceased loved ones. It is one Magical holiday!


Yule is December 21st. This year it’s on a Monday.

Yule is a holiday to commemorate the “Winter Solstice”. It’s essential the opposite of “Midsummer”. Yule is when the daytime is shortest, and the nighttime is longest. This holiday also marks the beginning of every day going forward, being longer in light than the last. Every night becomes shorter in darkness than the night before.

It’s a very important holiday and a time to go within. It’s a time to reflect on the cycle of life, death, and rebirth. We also prepare to await the return of spring’s new life. We take all the wisdom, thoughts, and feelings that have been growing in the dark, and bring them out into the light. We share them, name them, and speak them aloud.

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