The GypsyGirl VIP Monthly Membership Includes:


The Wheel of the Year Intensive Program

  • In-depth & insightful information packets and worksheets emailed directly to you! We’ll be covering each of the 8 holidays.  As you head into each holiday, you will have the opportunity to use our simple guide to help you align with each holiday through suggested energy work and use of metaphysical tools.     

The GypsyGirl Full Moon Program

  • We’ll hold your hand to gently take you through each upcoming Full Moon by offering you an easy understanding of the cosmos energies involved.
  •  You’ll receive our TopSecret ritual work suggestions which are applicable to each full moon.
  • You’ll receive guided worksheets for you to discover yourself in the current energy. This can help you to understand your shadows and light in a kind yet fun way.

The GypsyGirl New Moon Program

  • All the goodness found in the GypsyGirl Full Moon Program but about the New Moon.
  • Topsecret ritual work
  • Guided worksheets

The Elements Guide

  • A quarterly fun reader teaching about the Earth, Fire, Air, and water.


  • 50% off on newly released education course, some of which offer certification.
  • Huge Exclusive Savings on Specified Retreats!

First Dibs:

  • On newly released but limited New Age Spiritual Store products,


And finally,

Monthly Horoscopes


This is a crazy amount of savings for high-quality programs and offers!

Here’s the value breakdown:

  • The Wheel of the Year Intensive Program retail value $555.
  • The Full Moon Program retail value $444
  • The New Moon Program retail value $444
  • Average Discount for Education Courses with certificates upon completion is a $500 discount!
  • Monthly Horoscopes a value of $2.99 a month


A combined value of $1,945.99!!!


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BONUS... Month of April May are FREE! 



VIP GYPSYGIRL MEMBERSHIP (Annual Pay w/ Highest Savings)

$1,945.99 Regular Price
$21.00Sale Price
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